Despite today's glaring sun, the young sports people from both Brecon and Radnor’s young farmers' clubs still put on an incredible show for visitors at the Royal Welsh Show.

Brecknockshire YFC, which was made up of members from Trecastle YFC, were celebrating this afternoon after they won the mens’ tug of war final against Gwent.

Shelley Davies, who’s husband Lyn coaches the winning team, was on the edge of her seat supporting her two sons 22-year-old Caerwyn and 20-year-old Steffan in the winning match.

She said: "I am very, very proud. It was a tough pulling match today but my boys stuck it and they won."

She said that the Brecknockshire team were unaffected by the temperatures, which have been as high as 26 degrees celsius today, as they have spent the summer practicing outside in the sunshine so they are "used to it".

Brecknockshire are also due to compete in the junior category later today at 5.30pm.

Ranorshire YFC also celebrated victory as they beat Brecnockshire in the rugby sevens final with a score of 19-14.

The sun and the hard ground from the dry summer made it a tough game for both the teams who both pushed hard to win the cup.

A crowd member was overheard saying: "It was a tough match for both of them, especially Brecknockshire.

"They both played well but unfortunately Brecknockshire just made a lot of mistakes which cost them."

Brecknockshire YFC celebrated further success this evening as the young farmers from Trecastle also won the final in the juniors' category against Llanwrst, as well as finishing second in the womens' final after they were unfortunately beaten by Glamorgan.

"Today has been a huge achievement for our tiny village having our mens' team and juniors' team take first place and our womens' team take second".Shelley Davies said: "We faced llanrwst in a hard final but the juniors dug deep and brought it home. "We're so immensely proud of all three teams who now will go on to represent Wales at the YFC national finals at the Tenbury Countryside Show on Saturday, August 4."