Jane Dodds believes local people should benefit from renewable energy schemes set up in their areas.

The Mid and West Wales MS asked at the Senedd what consideration the Welsh Government has given to ensuring community involvement in schemes of that kind.

She said one of the key challenges, when the country is transitioning to green energy, is making sure the benefits are felt by local communities.

Ms Dodds said: “Too often, the profits from large renewable energy projects don't stay in the local area.

“There are different approaches to providing tangible benefits to communities.

“Octopus Energy have their energy Fan Club which allows discounted energy bills for those affected by their wind turbines. When the wind is blowing, they receive money off their bills.”

Ms Dodds asked Climate Change Minister, Julie James, for her view on large companies coming into Wales, and how she would feel about them offering discounts to communities on their energy bills to allow local people to benefit.

Ms James said local ownership and community involvement are “front and centre” of the Government’s energy policy.

She said: “We've already achieved 97 per cent of our target of one GW of renewable energy to be locally-owned by 2030.

“Our investment in local area energy plans provides further opportunity for communities to get involved in those schemes.”