Glyn Powell's speech after portrait unveiling.

On Saturday, 15 April a short ceremony was held for former Brecon High School teacher, Glyn Powell, which saw a portrait painting of him unveiled.

Glyn, 90, was a history teacher as well as a farmer from the Senni Valley and is a Farmers' Union of Wales Life member.

Many people attended the ceremony on Saturday to hear speeches about the work and life of Glyn, who was in attendance with family members. A portrait painting of Glyn was unveiled with Brecon Town Mayor, David Meredith watching on.

Glyn then gave a speech thanking everyone, he said: "It appears this event is due to the committee of the old boys, that band of brothers, orchestrated by the Chairman, David, and the man for all seasons, Tom Prothero.

"I know today has cost a great deal of money for which I am very grateful, money from the old boys, from my friends at the Farmers' Union of Wales. I think we are honoured to have the president with us here today and many others. The Arts Council and innumerable individuals who have been so generous.

"I must thank Tracey Gibbs for standing in for the Headmaster for allowing us to use this prestigious building today. I regret to tell my former pupils, I miss the long corridor," said Glynn, "Down which I could tiptoe, like a little butterfly floating around!"

In 2022, Glyn was admitted into the Gorsedd y Beirdd [Bardic Circle] of the National Eisteddfod of Wales. He was awarded the Blue Robe in recognition of his contribution and a lifetime of service to his community and to nation. The bardic name he chose was Glyn ap Cilieni, remembering his roots in the community of Epynt and the “clearance” of that community by the MOD in 1940.