Horse owner, Elizabeth Collingtwig has decided to launch her own delivery service using a horse and cart in Hay-on-Wye called Trotteroo.

After receiving a lot of encouragement when introducing the idea on social media, Elizabeth has decided to put her plan into action and is aiming to trial the idea by delivering goods to people in the town on Thursday, March 28 - on Market Day. 

The idea is that people can call Elizabeth with an order, she will collect the goods and deliver them to the recipient using one of her horses. 

The recipient can pay Elizabeth on arrival for the coffee/food /shopping, or they can order directly and pay over the phone with the cafe or shop, plus a donation to say thank you to the horse. 

Speaking about what made Elizabeth want to try Trotteroo, she said: “My background is in harness racing and I love trotters and I’ve realised that their is basically nothing they can’t do - this breed of horse is amazing. You can win loads of races with them, and you can also drive them through towns, not all of them, but the good ones can do other things besides racing.

“I have this fantastic horse called Luminite, last year he won ten races and multiple awards, I drove him through central London and Swansea. He’s just incredible and I want the world to see him and just enjoy him. I like him so much I bought another, Joseph, who is up for sale. I Just want to spend time with my horses and show people how good trotters are.

“I was thinking about what does Hay need, and we definitely do not need Deliveroo, but people are quite up for horse-drawn stuff. I’d like to build up to doing handy carriages but I’m going to see how this is received in Hay first.

“It’s not about the money to be honest. The main purpose is to enjoy myself and enjoy my horse, and spread the love a bit because I’ve had so much fun with these two horses and I want to show people what they are capable of.”