A young singer has taken to the streets of Brecon and Hay-on-Wye to raise money to help with the Ukraine refugee efforts.

George Thomas Southgate, from Talyllyn, has been busking to help raise money for the Red Cross as he is very keen to help those affected by the Ukraine conflict.

When asked why he wants to help refugees from Ukraine, the ten-year-old told The Brecon & Radnor Express: “Russia is attacking Ukraine and Russia has one of the biggest armies in the world and Ukraine don’t have too much to fight back with.

“I’m raising for Red Cross - so far I’ve raised about £700 - which is over two busks.

“It’s important to help others. In other places of the world they are just so much different to times they are now in this country, in Wales, some places have almost no water, some places are constantly getting attacked, some places are constantly getting natural disasters.”

The young humanitarian sang for around an hour and a half at each set with a basket for change, decorated with a “thank you” sign and to say what cause he is fundraising for.

The Llangorse Primary School pupil said he was inspired to start singing on the streets of Powys after his brother took up busking.

He said: “Daniel my brother, he started busking because he played the trumpet and then I started the idea and I started busking myself.

“Credu spotted me and wanted me to do a bit of busking in front of their shop for them, and then they let me do it in front of them for jazz festival for them.

“Then I did it for Tenovus at Christmas and I just did it for Hay now.”

George busking in Brecon
Busking in Brecon (George Thomas Southgate)

George loves to sing covers of pop songs - especially by his favourite artist, Ed Sheeran.

The youngster said he is inspired by Ed Sheeran’s music and hopes to be like the famous redhead in the future.

George said: “I haven’t started writing my own music yet, but I just downloaded an app where I can make my own songs called Song Maker.”

George, who has recently started to play piano, lives with his two brothers and his parents who he described as proud of him “most of the time”.

While George, who’s favourite Ed Sheeran song is Joker and the Queen, is still new to busking in Hay-on-Wye, eh said he is recognised when he sings in Brecon.

The aspiring musician, who said he doesn’t get nervous before singing in public, said: “They usually recognise me when I’m in Brecon but not too much in Hay because I haven’t done too much in Hay-on-Wye so far.”

George said he feels good when people donate money while he’s busking.

If you want to see George sing and to donate money to his efforts for Ukraine, he will busking at Bethel Square in Brecon this Saturday, March 19, at 1pm.

While he has no set dates, he is also hoping to return to both Brecon and Hay in the near future to continue busking in both towns as well.