The wolves are gathering around some of the finest landscapes in Wales.

These ‘grunge-monkeys’ as I prefer to call them - people who value money above all else - consist of wind-farm developers and philistine landowners eager to degrade yet more of Wales’s greatest treasure.

With a drive by politicians to appear to be green new opportunities for on-shore wind-farms are appearing on the near horizon and the stunningly beautiful area around the upper Wye Valley has become a prime target.

Of course the Welsh Government is well on-board with all this too, having no inkling as to the immense beauty which lies within its Principality’s borders and regarding Mid Wales as a scrub-covered desert which nobody values and populated by few enough country bumpkins that they can be ridden over rough-shod.

It is not often said but the worst thing about onshore wind farms is that they not only ruin the landscape upon which they sit but also poison the views for up to 30 miles and in this area will greatly impact on views from the nearby National Park

Apart from that they kill birds, particularly large raptors like kites, ospreys and harriers, cover the lovely hills with roads, transformers and pylons, and emit immense amounts of CO2 in their installation and their requirement for back-up and storage. If you do your home-work you will also find they produce surprisingly little usable electricity.

I do not deny that we need renewable energy but is said that we must build onshore because it is cheaper that off-shore. But I say if we are prepared to pay the cost of preserving fine works of art and beautiful buildings, how much more should we preserve the wonderful landscapes that are endowed upon our countryside.

Already lovers of the Wye and its environs are fighting polluters who have wrecked this splendid river. Now we must gird up our loins to fight the grunge-monkeys on yet another front.

So, if you love Mid Wales and the River Wye, prepare to do battle!

Steve Davies