The Llandrindod Repair Cafe will soon be kicking off with a new season of free repairs.

Since it was launched almost 10 years ago, the Repair Cafe’s skilled volunteers have saved large numbers of faulty household goods from being discarded. Volunteer-run events take place once a month throughout the year from February to November.

The first communal repairing event is due to be held on Saturday afternoon February 10, followed by March 9, April 13, and continuing on the second Saturday of each month, from 2pm to 5pm at the Celf Centre on Tremont Road in Llandrindod.

Clothing, bikes, toys, tools, electricals and all kinds of portable non-functioning household items can be brought to the Celf Centre, where able volunteers give their free time to help with repairs. In many cases, things which are usually not worth repairing can actually be saved from being thrown away unnecessarily. Visitors are encouraged to sit with volunteer fixers so they can receive advice about their item. This is all carried out for just a donation to cover costs.

More helpers and volunteers for all kinds of roles are needed and very welcome, as the Cafe is popular and much in demand. Just turn up on the day, or go to the Cafe’s public Facebook page for more information.

Repair Cafe volunteer Martina Holmes said: “Repairing stuff is now a bit like rebellion: just by simply fixing something rather than buying new, Repair Cafes push back against a system that classifies people just as consumers. Repair Cafes help communities to reduce waste, save resources, reduce CO2 emissions and help people to save money into the bargain.

“Visitors come to have their things mended but at the same time enjoy some friendly social interactions, with free refreshments on offer too. Go give it a try!”