Today, three men have been found guilty of the murder of Carl Dyche, a 51-year-old man in Kington.

One of the three men was Luke Bellis, who grew up near Newtown.

The attack took place on Thursday 2, December 2021. The three men climbed over the back gate to Carl's garden where they attacked him, with sustained and repeated blows.

Carl's wife and son attempted to intervene. Sadly, Carl had been so badly beaten by the three men that he passed away in hospital three days later on Sunday 5, December.

Today the three men; Ajay Price 21, of High Street in Kington, Luke Bellis, 30, also of High Street and John Lock, 35 of Greenfields, Kington were found guilty of murder by a jury at Worcester Crown Court.

Detective Inspector Chris Percival, who led the police investigation into Carl’s murder, said: “This was an intensive and  distressing investigation,  Carl Dyche was senselessly beaten in a brutal and unmotivated attack in front of his wife and young step son.

"Both provided evidence to help reach a guilty verdict, an incredibly difficult task for grieving families, especially those who witnessed this harrowing event in person.

“This has understandably been an incredibly difficult time for Carl’s family and close friends and I would like to continue to extend my condolences to them. While today’s verdict will not bring Carl back, I hope the verdict allows his family to finally begin the grieving process.”