A man has said he is "eternally grateful" after two volunteers came to his aid following a nasty reaction to a wasp sting.

Earlier this summer, Tom Frost and his partner Jax arrived at a remote area just outside of Rhayader, where they go to relax. The couple weren’t to know that shortly after arriving, Tom was going to need urgent medical care.

Tom and Jax were unloading the car when the pair noticed a wasps nest.

Tom felt a sharp sting in the centre of his forehead and instantly became very unwell. 

“I could not think straight or even stand,” he said.

He slumped to the ground and with no phone signal, Jax ran to the nearest house to get help.

“I was very pale and thrashing around with a rash expanding from my head downwards,” Tom explained.

After his body began to swell and develop hives, Jax called for the emergency services.

Before they knew it Jack and Martyn from St John Ambulance Cymru arrived on scene. 

Jack Evans and Martyn Price were volunteering as St John Ambulance Cymru Responders so the emergency call was triaged from the ambulance service. St John Ambulance Cymru Responders are on-call volunteers who respond to local emergency incidents. They are highly trained individuals who often turn up before the emergency services arrive, to assess the situation and deliver immediate care.

Jack and Martyn monitored Tom’s observations in a calm way, administered antihistamine tablets and reassured them. 

“I know Jax was extremely grateful for this,” Tom said, “Seeing your loved one so unwell in such a remote area was a real trauma, so to have these healthcare professionals within easy reach is something we are both eternally grateful for”.

Jack Evans, one of the Responders who treated Tom, said: “St John Ambulance Cymru first responders in Powys are a crucial part of the community response, as seen with this incident. If Tom had waited any longer for a response, then his reaction would have progressed and subsequently worsened.

"St John Ambulance Cymru responders are regular members of the community and volunteers who give up their time at the drop of a hat to respond to life threatening emergencies. I'm glad to hear Tom is doing well and staying away from beehives!”

Tom, who has now fully recovered, said: “It will always be an additional reassurance that medical help and expertise in the form of St John Ambulance Cymru are so close.”

If you’d like to find out more about the Responder scheme or find out about becoming a St John Ambulance Cymru volunteer, please visit their website.