7 year-old Arlo Jones from Brecon recently broke his femur after falling off a slide at Uplands Park in Brecon, but was made to wait nine hours for an ambulance to arrive.

Disappointed with the response time, Arlo's mother Sophie is looking to take this matter up with local MP Fay Jones and the Welsh Ambulance Service. She said:“It’s been a really not nice experience and I think the way it’s all been dealt with is not good enough.

“The same thing happened to my father, he was left to wait 13 hours with a serious leg injury and had to have surgery and a halo put on his leg, which was about eight months before Arlo broke his leg.

"Arlo’s now been sent home from Prince Charles Hospital, but they don’t have a brace to fit him, so he’s now been put on complete bed rest and his leg has been pinned. 

“There’s no support there, I called up the other day to say that I wasn’t happy about it because he’s been struggling going to the toilet and all I’ve been told is that they’re making a brace for his leg which takes time, but I think this highlights the downfall of the NHS.

“We’re not talking about understaffing, we’re not talking about the care received, we’re talking about traffic light systems used to prioritise patients that are not working."

“I’m still feeling really angry about it, every day I get up and feel really angry and I try not to be because I want to go about this in the right way because since this happened with my dad and Arlo, I have found that there’s 90 year-olds left on the street for as long as 19 hours by the Welsh Ambulance Service, so I believe this needs as much recognition as it can get really.

“I’m going to make sure something is done about it, starting with the local MP.”

Arlo's broken femur
An x-ray image of Arlo's broken femur. (Adam Jones)

When the accident happened, Sophie's oldest son called for an ambulance but his call wasn't taken.

Arlo's father then arrived and carried him back to his home.

Sophie said she didn't realise the severity of the injury until Arlo arrived back home. She said: "I didn’t think anything of it to be honest.

“I thought it was a normal just hurt yourself at the park kind of thing.

"It wasn’t until I saw him on the sofa and saw his thigh bending in half that I knew it was a serious break and I really panicked then.

“The ambulance was called at quarter to seven and they didn’t arrive until twenty past four, although they say that they arrived at three, fifty-nine."

Arlo was then in hospital for a week, where he spent his birthday and enjoyed a special visit from Cardiff City Football Club Captain and one of Arlo's favourite players, Joe Ralls.

Through the power of social media, Adam put out a video on Twitter of Arlo to try and get a player from Arlo's beloved Cardiff City to come and visit him on his birthday, and after Adam was put in to contact with the club, the surprise was arranged.

Not only did Joe Ralls visit Arlo, the club also sent him a video message from none other than Wales international and Cardiff City player Aaron Ramsey.

Ramsey wished him well, and said he would like to see him once his leg fully recovers.

(Adam Jones)

“Joe Ralls coming to see Arlo was amazing from Cardiff," said Sophie, “Arlo lives and breathes football and was an academy football player.

“The visit was great and I am so happy they came, but for me that isn’t what’s important, what is important is the timescale Arlo had to wait for an ambulance to come.

"It isn't good enough."