Cradoc Golf Club

The weekend has been a very busy one for Cradoc Golf Club. Saturday saw Cradoc play against the Gurkhas when approximately 40 players took part. A match has taken place between the two over a number of years but Saturday’s was a very special occasion. As Cradoc’s Captain Shaun Matthews said, “to celebrate 50 years of The Gurkha Regiment being in Brecon, we thought it would be fitting to re-introduce the match of Team Cradoc v Team Gurkhas. It is one way to support our friends, neighbours and colleagues and to thank them for their service”. This was then followed by a Gurkha curry and social evening at the club.

Cradoc v the Gurkhas (Supplied)

St Mary’s Church, Gladestry

On Thursday 6 June 2024, a specially made Binder containing information about local men lost in two World Wars, was presented by Mr Phillip Jones, (an aviation and military researcher) to St Mary’s Church, Gladestry. Mr Jones gave a very interesting talk about D Day and shared the facts he had unearthed. The attached is a condensed report.

The Gladestry & Colva War Memorial, sited in St Mary’s churchyard, is rather unique in that it was the first to be unveiled and dedicated in Radnorshire, - under the guidance of the Rev A Biggerton Evans who was Rector at the time.

An interim memorial had been set up in the form of an Oak frame draped in the union Jack - which was placed in the north aisle of the church.

The names of the fallen were entered into the frame which had been funded in its entirety by Capt Basil Biggerton Evans, - the Rector’s son.

Capt Biggerton Evans was a good organist - and it is interesting to note that when home on leave, he played here at St Mary’s several times at the memorial services of fallen parishioners.

After completion of the War Memorial within the grounds of St Mary’s, the Lord Bishop of Swansea dedicated the Memorial, Easter 1919.

After the unveiling by Lady Clementine Walsh, Mrs Welson who had lost a son in 1917, unveiled a stained glass window. Oak Gates, a personal gift of the Hon Sir Arthur Walsh, Lord lieutenant of Radnorshire, were opened on the same day.

The Lord Bishop of Swansea would return a year later to dedicate another Memorial to Capt Basil Biggerton Evans.

The War Memorial we see today was re-dedicated on the 7th May 2006 after restoration work had been carried out.

It was fitting to hold a Remembrance time on the 6th June as this date marks the 80th Anniversary of D-DAY, - or Operation Overlord which was the codename for the Battle of Normandy, - the allied operation that launched the successful liberation of German occupied Western Europe during WW2.

Operation Neptune was the 1,200 plane airborne assault that preceded an amphibious assault involving more than 5,000 vessels and nearly 160,000 troops who crossed the English Channel on the 6th June. By the end of August 1944 more than two million troops were in France.

Today the 80th anniversary of D Day, it is appropriate to pass on in the Binder containing the names and details of all those commemorated on the War Memorial at St Mary’s, - especially, two men who were Killed in Action during the D-Day operations of June /July 1944 , - 80 years ago. They are Evan William Griffiths and Graham Hugh Lloyd.

Evan William Griffiths was born on 22nd January 1920, - he was the son of Thomas and Jane Elizabeth Griffiths of the Cwm, Gladestry, - Evan the son of a farmer was baptised on the 18th April 1920 by the Rev A Biggerton –Evans here at St Mary’s Church.

In 1939 the family moved to Upper Gwernilla, Gladestry.

20 year old Evan attested at Hereford on the 27th December 1940, and became part of the Coldstream Guards.

Evan Volunteered for special service, and found himself in Scotland training to become a commando.

In 1941 Evan married Violet Kathleen Griffiths (Nee Hart), of Staunton on Arrow.

During the afternoon of 5th June 1944 Evan,- the commandos and the bulk of the Allied Army were preparing for the biggest amphibious invasion in history.

80 years ago today Evan along with 3 commando - as part of the 1st Special service brigade landed in Normandy.

On the 7th June 1944 Evan was posted missing in action.

Graham Hugh Lloyd, was Killed in Action just under a month after Evan Griffiths.

Graham was born in Cardiff in Glamorgan in 1920 - the son of Hugh and Frances Edith Lloyd,

Hugh became a motor mechanic, and on the 5th May 1939 he joined the 1st Battalion the Herefordshire Regiment in Kington, giving his place of residence as the Post Office, Newchurch.

Graham and the Hereford regiment were also part of the D. Day operation which saw over 2 million men arrive in France before the end of August 1944. They landed at Normandy on D.Day plus 7 (13th June 1944).

The regiment experienced periods of intense fighting and Graham was killed in action 1st July 1944.

Evan and Graham’s stories are told in Full within the Binder, along with the others from Gladestry and the surrounding area who paid the supreme sacrifice in two world wars. It is good that the church now has some background knowledge about Evan and Graham and their comrades whose names are also on the War Memorial.

Rev Rachael Storer receiving the Binder from Mr Phillip Jones
Rev Rachael Storer receiving the Binder from Mr Phillip Jones (Dave Latham) ( Dave Latham )

The Binder was presented to Rev Rachael Storer, vicar of St Mary’s church, Gladestry and St David’s church, Colva in memory of those men whose names and stories are contained within so that they will never be forgotten.

Rev Storer, on behalf of the churches, thanked Mr Jones for his research and interesting talk and for the invaluable information contained within the Binder. Mrs Alison Ward was also thanked for her initial input in contacting Mr Jones and bringing the idea of a permanent record to fruition. The evening ended with refreshments.

Brecon Presbyterian Church

Brecon Presbyterian Church, the Watton, is looking forward to welcoming Ny Ako on Saturday,22 nd June for an evening Concert at 7 pm. Ny Ako ( The Echo ) are a group of 13 young people from Madagascar who are touring Europe showing Malagasy culture through their traditional music,dance and singing. They are a voluntary group,employed in various types of work,who come together to share the Christian Message through regular tours within Madagascar and internationally.This year they are visiting France,Belgium,Luxembourg and Switzerland. The concert if free,but donations towards the expenses of the tour will be welcomed. Crafts from Madagascar will be for sale. A Warm Welcome is extended to all.

Penyrheol Baptist Chapel 

Penyrheol Baptist Chapel  situated in the Black Mountains above Tregoyd took part in a national event to identify and list the flora and fauna in the grounds of the Chapel.

The Churches Count on Nature initiative , taking place annually, recognises that cemeteries are some of the most unspoilt pieces of land across our country. Volunteers of all ages  come together to log which flowers and plants grow in  their grounds  . No specialist  knowledge is needed and a special app. aided identification. This information is then fed back to  create a national map of which wild flowers and plants thrive in certain soils. The afternoon began with a short service focussed on the richness and wonder of creation led by Revd Paul Smethurst. Those who took part were genuinely surprised and appreciative of  the variety of the flowers and plants they discovered .

Penyrheol Baptist Chapel 
Penyrheol Baptist Chapel  (Supplied)