A recent preview of the Crickhowell Open Art exhibition in the oriel cric gallery by Friends of CRiC provided the perfect backdrop to present CRiC’s 2024 adopted charity, Brecon and District Mind with donations totalling £420 that had been raised during this year’s Crickhowell Walking Festival. The 10 day programme of 81 walks in March was one of the wettest and most challenging the festival has ever seen but walkers demonstrated endurance and humour in challenging muddy conditions to complete the walks and generously donated to Brecon and District Mind when booking and during the week’s programme.

The preview evening also presented the opportunity to launch our Spring Art Draw. A number of artists exhibiting in the gallery donated works for a raffle to further raise funds for this worthwhile cause and for CRiC. Prizes in the raffle include a beautiful coffee table by Arthur Cadman with Italian veneer and a local Chestnut base and an array of original paintings, prints, ceramics and jewellery by popular artists such as Louise Collis, John R Harris, Jantien Powell and Martin Truefitt-Baker, Lauri-Li to name but a few.

The raffle will be drawn in CRiC on 19th June and tickets can be purchased from CRiC in person, over the phone or online https://visitcrickhowell.wales/shop/details/Spring_Art_Draw_Tickets_CRiC.

The Open Art exhibition continues in the oriel cric gallery until 15th July and next year’s walking festival will be held from Saturday, March 8 until Sunday, March 16.

In addition to the gallery and meeting rooms which are available to hire 7 days/evenings a week, local charitable organisations Crickhowell District Archive Centre and Crickhowell Dial-a-Ride and their services are also located in CRiC and RNID volunteers provide monthly hearing aid clinics in CRiC. Brecon & District Mind offers a range of services to support people in the community affected by mental illness and distress.

Contact Jan to enquire about meeting rooms, becoming a Friend to CRiC or any other aspect of CRiC’s work 01873 811970 [email protected].