The Chair of Crickhowell running club has completed her fundraising ‘width of Wales challenge and raised over £10,000 for charity.

On Saturday, June 26, Julie Cashell ran the 50-mile journey from Anchor, a hamlet in Shropshire across the heart of Wales to the seaside town of Borth.

Julie, who was accompanied on the run by Andrew Vicary on his bike, has raised over £10,500. With gift aid the total amounts to an incredible £12,000.The two charities that will benefit from this money are Noah’s Ark Charity, which raises money for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales, and Latch, the Welsh children’s cancer charity.

The charities were chosen in support and solidarity with Crickhowell youngsters Scott Foulkes and Cassie Evans who are currently receiving treatment for cancer and Julie’s friend Abi Phillips, who is also a Crickhowell Running Club and receiving treatment from Noah’s Ark.

The initial plan for the run was to begin at 7am. After an early start however, they decided to crack on and left at 3am for a 5:30am start at Anchor.

Julie said: “With my amazing wing man Andrew who I trusted implicitly to navigate the way, we waved goodbye to Zoe and Linda. As they passed us the good luck poster Jake had made in the car window now visible in the light, a lump snook into my throat.

“The challenge commenced in the mist and rain which made the ridgeway awkward for Andrew to navigate but it soon brightened up and the weather was stunning for the whole weekend. At the very busy road sections, having Zoe and Linda following with the flashing light like Starsky and Hutch made me smile. They never failed to be waiting, encouraging where it was needed and ended up doing 180 miles around in the car to support our up-and-over route.”

Julie explained that the hardest part mentally for her was at the 42-mile mark where the Phillips family were waiting.

She said: “Already feeling all those miles, to see and hear Abbie and Libby waving and shouting was the first time I’d allowed myself to think about why we started doing this and let the responsibility I felt to complete the challenge get the better of me... emotional I struggled with my breathing for a while up the hills but Sarg Lee kept the momentum going in the way he knew I would want to.

“The last miles were physically hard, of course they were going to be, but turning the corner and seeing the members of Crickhowell Running Club and yet again wonderful Zoe and Linda for the last four-mile push was just the most incredible boost.”

Julie reached Borth in under eight hours, where she met up with family and friends who were there to greet her and congratulate her on the achievement. There were smiles and tears in equal quantity as the importance of the occasion was realised by the whole team.

Julie said: “I cannot express how grateful I am for the support we’ve had. I so hope that after the hours and hours Andrew and Zoe have put into making this so successful and absolutely on point, that they are very, very proud of what they’ve achieved to help the charities that are giving everything they can to support her nephew Scott and the family, for Cassie and her family and Abbie who has been receiving treatment from the Noahs Ark Hospital ever since it opened.

“I know I can speak for us all when I say the support for our event has been absolutely tremendous. Thank you just doesn’t cover it but it does come from the bottom of our hearts. We are completely overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness, generosity, time, care and interest to not only help us achieve our target but to exceed doubling it.

“As we all pack up and leave Borth behind, to Scott, Cassie, Abbie and your amazing families I hope the support shown for the charities helping you all during the most difficult times that none of us see, show how much so, so many people are behind each and every one of you - every single step of your journey

“For me, it is well and truly a privilege to be part of such kindness and a such a special community,” said Julie.