In Parliament recently, Fay Jones MP lent her support to the Angling Trust’s latest campaign to increase the numbers of salmon in the rivers Usk and Wye.

Ms Jones was one of a number of MPs to support the campaign, launched in Parliament at the end of January.

Alongside the Atlantic Salmon Trust and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, the campaigns asks for a more coordinated approach from both the Westminster and Welsh governments to protect salmon and to take action to support their recovery. In their ‘Salmon Manifesto,’ the Trust calls for a series of measures to deliver a thriving, productive, and expanding salmon angling sector, with its associated environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Ms Jones said: “I’m lucky to be the MP for the rivers Usk and Wye – two of the most beautiful stretches of water in the country, but there’s no doubt they are in a bad way for a number of reasons.

“With angling being such a popular pastime in Brecon and Radnorshire, I am pleased to support the Angling Trust’s campaign for healthier salmon stocks.

“We must all do everything we can to protect and enhance the biodiversity in our rivers – and salmon is one of the biggest symbols of that. I look forward to working with them to further their campaign.”