Residents are clearing the pathway towards a sustainable future for a historic church in Talybont-on-Usk thanks to funding from Green Man Festival’s charitable arm, the Green Man Trust.

The Friends of Llandetty Church group received £2,000 from the Trust’s Local Community Grant to help make the grounds of Llandetty Church, which has served the village for the last 1,000 years, more accessible, usable, and relevant to visitors and locals alike.

Funding from the Green Man’s Community Grant, which comes to a total of £10,000 in 2023, has been shared between local schools and initiatives located in Powys that improve quality of life, promote inclusion and diversity or help tackle loneliness. As one of the recipients of the latest round of Trust awards, volunteers at Llandetty Church have been able to start clearing overgrown areas of the churchyard to help re-establish views towards the River Usk and make areas within the boundary walls safe and accessible to increasing numbers of visitors coming to view the historic 9th century site.

Jim McCulloch, founding member of Friends of Llandetty Church, said: “The money we have received from Green Man Trust has been crucial in helping us launch the next phase of our plans, and in supporting us to push forward with work that is ultimately set to benefit us all as supporters of this beautiful, historical place of interest to locals and visitors alike.

“Future projects include repairing the lych gate, connecting mains water, and repairing the bells and tower, and we also plan to establish a spiral nature trail and restore and enhance the varied wildlife habitats, create wildlife links and change the current mowing practices to encourage more biodiversity too.”

The Friends of Llandetty Church group have raised more than £11,000 for the project so far, as they plan to provide interesting and informative spaces for visitors to explore and dwell in. This will include the installation of signage to explain why some areas need to be left for wildlife in the spring and summer months, with the grant they have received from Green Man Trust.

Founded in 2014 the Green Man Trust charity extends the Green Man festival’s philanthropic ambitions within the arts, sciences and local communities. Over the last three years, 12,000+ people have been supported by Green Man Trust, £10,000 donated to local Community Grants in 2023, £16,000 donated to Welsh food banks in 2022 in response to cost of living crisis, £3,000 donated for Ukrainian war relief, £16,000 has been raised for Welsh vulnerable people affected by storm Dennis flood, £100,000 was spent to commission 223 artists during the pandemic and over 100 community projects have been supported.

Fiona Stewart, founder of the Green Man Trust, said: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Green Man, so supporting the biodiversity and restoration of Llandetty Church will be fantastic to see.

“The Friends of Llandetty Church group’s hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to create positive change in their community in this way is inspiring and exactly the kind of community cause that the Green Man Trust exists to support.”