Library of Mistakes and Hay Castle have announced the first Weekend of Mistakes conference, featuring a line up of first-class historians, financialexperts and investment sages.

Dedicated to learning from the lessons of financial history, the Weekend of Mistakes offers insights from the past and some key lessons for your financial future.

Taking up residence at Hay Castle, from Friday, March 1 to Sunday, March 3, 2024, Weekend of Mistakes will bring guests unique access to a thought-provoking lineup, speaking across a range of topics, including the deception and discreet charm of con artists, the financial plights of Sir Walter Scott, the complex ethics of banking, and a discussion about epic financial failures and why they didn’t need to happen. 

There will also be opportunities to connect and discuss the themes raised during the events with speakers and other delegates, as well as book signings, breakfast discussions, networking opportunities and more.

Speakers will include Merryn Somerset-Webb (Bloomberg contributor and founder of MoneyWeek), Edward Chancellor (author of The Price of Time), Sir Philip Augar (The Bank That Lived a Little), Helen Thompson (Disorder – Hard Times in the 21st Century), Oliver Bullough (Butler to the World), Russell Napier (The Solid Ground) and Tamim Bayoumi.

For the last nine years, the Library of Mistakes has become an important venue for events and education on economics, finance and investment, on the premise that the mistakes, follies and manias of the past can be studied in order to better understand the present.

Russell Napier, Keeper, The Library of Mistakes, said: “Engage with learning about the financial past and understand more about our financial future in the beautiful and hospitable Hay-on-Wye.”

Director, Hay Castle Trust, Tom True said: “We are very excited to reveal an outstanding array of speakers at Hay Castle’s Weekend of Mistakes, featuring cautionary tales and entertaining conversations around financial swindles and blunders. The programme, packed with fun, thought, and originality, is reflective of this beautiful venue.”

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