Llandrindod Surgery has released data revealing a concerning trend of missed appointments throughout last year.

The figures indicate a total of 3,748 missed appointments, averaging 312 per month. This has prompted the surgery to take proactive measures to address the issue and improve healthcare services for the community.

Each missed appointment imposes a financial burden on the National Health Service (NHS), costing an average of £30 per person.

While acknowledging that occasional missed appointments may occur, Llandrindod Surgery has stressed the importance of cancelling appointments whenever possible. By reducing missed appointments by just 25 per cent each month, the surgery could free up an additional 78 appointments per month to accommodate individuals in need of medical appointments.

One of the primary channels through which patients can easily cancel appointments is by using the surgery's text reminder service. Patients who provide their up-to-date mobile numbers receive timely reminders for their appointments and can simply reply with the word "cancel" to withdraw from their scheduled slot.

Alternatively, appointments can be cancelled using the online service, or by contacting the surgery via telephone or in person.