On Friday, 2 June and Saturday, 3 June, Cat McKay and her husband Darren held a fundraiser music festival.

Every few weeks they need to find £5,000 for the next effective treatment session for Cat's cancer.

They have been selling off items and finding innovative ways to raise money.

At the fundraising event, Cat had organised with an independent celebrant based in Llanwrtyd Wells, Berni Benton, a vow renewal with her husband for their tenth anniversary after Cat decided to propose to Darren again.

Two and a half years ago Cat was given 6-8months to live and told by the NHS there was nothing more they could do.

She was not ready to give up that easily, having had only 8 precious years with her husband Darren.

They researched in detail and found Dr Vogel in Germany and the treatment is working. 

Some areas of her cancer are almost gone, but it is a constant challenge each month to raise the money for the next trip and session. 

Being an independent celebrant, Berni approached Cat and offered her a vow renewal ceremony as a gift, as she knew this was something Cat was keen to do in front of her friends and family.

Cat McKay
(pic supplied)

On Friday evening at sunset Berni officiated a vow renewal ceremony for Cat & Darren, they sat under a gothic rose arch. I sat to one side, and their closest friends and family were invited to form a circle around them and sat on the grass, holding hands.  

Officiating the ceremony, Berni said: ""Today, we are gathered before the main music and party event to pause for a minute and take stock.  To breathe in this very precious moment and acknowledge, everything they have achieved together, express gratitude, love, and eternal commitment to each other, in front of the people who matter to them the most.  

"And to reaffirm the vows they made to each other 10 years ago, in front of you all, and ask you to affirm your commitment to continue to love, support and cherish them, whatever the future holds and however the future unfolds.  

"Both Darren and Cat are such strong people, but even the strong amongst us need to replenish our strength.  For them to do this they need all of you to provide your positive energy, some of your own strength and determination, and your open hearts."

Cat wrote emotional vows and words of gratitude to Darren and Darren wrote a beautiful ear worm of a song , "Better Man" which he sang to Cat in the circle as everyone cried. 

The crowd were asked to affirm vows and promises to the couple with some loud "WE DO" responses and they completed the ceremony with a hand blessing, where the couple held each others hands to their hearts, looked at them closely and recognised the strengths and comforts each others had given to the other.

The Friday celebrations continued into the evening with jamming around a camp fire.

Cat McKay
(Pic Supplied)

On Saturday, events kicked off at noon and there was live music throughout the day and into the evening until gone 11pm. 

All the musicians gave their time and talent for free and their generosity was unbounding.

The Builth Male Voice Choir came out in force and were magnificent.  Llanwrtyd band Intransit played an afternoon set in the sunshine, Llandrindod Band, Out of Order took to the stage as the main act.  

The Builth Male Voice Choir
The Builth Male Voice Choir. (Pic Supplied)

Darren and Keith, Cat's husband and son performed without the rest of their band but with a fabulous, impromptu line up in the early evening. 

Cat joined them on stage for a couple of songs during the day several crafters and friends hosted stalls, selling honey, garden ornaments, candles, dream catchers, jewellery, with all takings going to Helping Cat Kick Cancers AssThere was the obligatory raffle, but included some fabulous prizes, many of which were then auctioned off after being won! 

With a box of biscuits being bid for at £30 ...... All because of the immense love , support and community of compassion surrounding Cat MacKay.

If you couldn't be there but want to support Cat's cause, you can donate via https://www.gofundme.com/f/helping-cat-kick-cancers-ass  or simply share to help raise awareness.

She is also selling numbered squares to auction off a caravan worth £6.5K, 100 squares £50 per square.  Contact Cat or Darren to be involved