A WELSH Conservative politician believes Boris Johnson’s promise to "get Brexit done" has helped the party to what looks like a thumping majority.

Russell George, the Welsh Assembly Member for Montgomeryshire, is at the Powys counting centre on the Royal Welsh Showground.

He welcomed the prediction of the broadcaster’s exit poll which is predicting a majority of 86 seats for the Conservatives.

Mr George said: "Exit poll is predicting a majority of more than I expected. I tend to try and be more cautious but the exit poll is just that and the real results are yet to come in and we’ve got to wait to see a few results come in."

Mr George said he had concentrated on campaigning for Conservative candidate Craig Williams in Montgomeryshire: "I did small bits of campaigning in other areas but not enough to make predictions for anywhere else."

Asked what issue had dominated the campaign Mr George replied: "There is one dominant issue. When I knock on doors it is about Brexit.

"My experience is it is very much hearing about Brexit and get it done. Most people are happy to tell you who they vote for but when hear ’get Brexit done’, it is a bit of an indication when people are quoting Boris Johnson at you.

"Almost certainly this election is a Brexit election. There are other important issues but I think people just want to see Brexit done and we can get on with those other issues."

Mr George admitted negotiations would still continue even if Mr Johnson is able to take the country out of the European Union but said leaving is still important: "But we will at least get over that hurdle and actually leave the EU and move the country forward and for that to happen we need to have a Conservative majority government."

Powys County Council chairman Bev Baynham has said she thought the election has been dominated by Brexit.

"You can’t escape it, Brexit, it’s what they’re all talking about," said the Presteigne councillor who is an independent.

"People tend to be sort of one way or another, leave or remain."

The councillor said issues such as schools and health, which are devolved to the Welsh Government and some of which Powys council are also responsible for, are regular local talking points, though in her area most people use the hospital in Hereford, but said the general election has been dominated by Brexit.