James Evans MS has called on the Welsh Government to delay enforcement of the new workplace recycling regulations.

In an exchange with the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change Huw Irranca-Davies MS in the Senedd last Wednesday (17th April), James repeated his calls for enforcement to be delayed until April 2025 to provide businesses enough time to acquire the suitable bins needed to adhere to the new laws.

James Evans, MS for Brecon and Radnorshire, had previously wrote to the Cabinet Secretary requesting a 12-month delay in enforcement of the new rules.

James also raised concerns that businesses have not had enough engagement from the Welsh Government, leaving them in the dark about just what they need to do. Waste management companies are also unsure how they should be operating under the new rules and are concerned that they won’t have enough time to provide businesses with the lockable bins needed to prevent contamination from outside sources.

The Cabinet Secretary suggested that Natural Resources Wales is already implementing a short delay of six months and that businesses will eventually ‘become used to it’.

James has requested a meeting with Huw Irranca-Davies MS to go through the issues facing businesses because of the new rules.

James Evans MS said: “I’ve not met a business across my constituency that does not want to recycle, but they are all telling me that they have not had enough engagement from the Welsh Government. Many out there are not aware of what they’ve got to do.

“Many hospitality businesses are concerned about the number of bins they will have to have on-site, and potentially how their waste could become contaminated due to the public putting their rubbish into the wrong bins. These businesses will be the ones fined by Natural Resources Wales.

“Businesses and recycling companies would like a bit more time to ensure they can provide the proper bins they need and to give them the opportunity to not fall foul to any rules put in place.”