Llandrindod Wells Town Council has proposed a referendum be held on plans to build wind turbines and pylons in the area.

At a meeting last month, the town council voted unanimously in favour of the proposal.

The proposal requests that a referendum be held with regard to plans to build a series of 720-feet tall wind turbines and associated infrastructure throughout Mid Wales.

Renewable energy developer Bute Energy is proposing to build wind turbines in Radnor Forest in addition to 60 miles of power lines, including pylons, through Wales.

The town council says it believes local people are “entitled to have their say” on such an important and without it “democracy will not be seen to be done”.

The town council sent the request to Council Leader Cllr James Gibson-Watt and Chief Executive Emma Palmer, as well as copying in every county councillor. They hoped county councillors would instigate a meeting to discuss this with a view to holding a vote.

Llandrindod Wells Town Council is asking other town and community councils to join with them to apply further pressure on Powys County Council to seek a democratic mandate before any further progress is made.

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: “A Development of National Significance (DNS) is a type of planning application for a large infrastructure project of national importance, for example, a wind farm, power station or reservoir.

“Planning and Environment Decisions Wales (PEDW) handles DNS applications on behalf of the Welsh Ministers, who determine these type of planning applications. These are not determined by local planning authorities such as the county council.

“However, the council would be involved in various ways in the DNS process. At the application stage, it is a formal requirement of the DNS process for the council, in its capacity as the local planning authority, to submit as local impact report to PEDW. This report gives details of the likely impact of the proposed development on the authority’s area.

“There is also provision within planning regulations for other local planning authorities or town and community councils to submit voluntary local impact reports.”