Conservative MP for Brecon and Radnorshire Fay Jones yesterday voted against the SNP amendment to the King’s Speech for an agreed ceasefire in Gaza.

The SNP's King Speech amendment called on all parties to 'agree to an immediate ceasefire' in the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict. MPs voted 293 to 125, with a majority of 168 to reject the amendment.

Fay Jones voted to reject, joining party members David TC Davies, Secretary of State for Wales and MP for Monmouth.

Votes by party for the SNP ceasefire amendment
Votes by party for the SNP ceasefire amendment (Parliament UK)

On the 7th of October, Hamas launched an attack on Israel.

While MPs voted, pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered outside chanting 'ceasefire now'.

The Conservative Government are instead calling for longer humanitarian pauses, which would allow more time to deliver aid. Parties like the majority of Labour, The European Union and the United States are also asking for longer pauses, instead of the ceasefire, due to fears that a ceasefire would 'embolden' Hamas.

Ms Jones said: “I rejected the SNP’s ceasefire amendment last night fundamentally because, in proposing an action that neither side wants in a conflict over which the UK has no control, it just made no logical sense.

"It was also a divisive amendment which has stoked considerable fear among our communities and particularly our Jewish community, against whom the Hamas terrorists being fought by Israel fundamentally wish to do harm.

"It’s important to remember that there was a ceasefire. It was broken by Hamas on October 7. Israel has every right to defend itself from a terrorist organisation who has made clear that it intends to wipe the Jewish state off the face of the Earth.”