A business owner who has been running a carpet shop for more than 40 years is set to celebrate her 80th birthday next week.

In the heart of Newbridge-On-Wye stands a modest yet enduring fixture: Anvic Carpets. Since its establishment in 1982, this family-owned business has been a cornerstone of the community, providing quality flooring and personalised service to generations of loyal customers. 

At the helm is Anne James, the matriarch, driving force (and half the name) of Anvic Carpets - who turns 80 on Monday, May 13.

Having started in 1982 and up to the present day, the focus for the shop has remained purely on flooring. There have been ideas about larger premises and diversifying but they have stayed true to their roots, knowing that their strength lies in their expertise and passion for what they do.

Anne’s daughter Mair works with her mum at the shop, having popped in to help out temporarily 25 years ago, after the death of her dad, Vic.

Anne James
Anne James and her daughter, Mair, some 40 years ago (Family photo)

“Mum has seen generations of the same families return as customers of Anvic - there is a social aspect to the shop,” said Mair.

“When someone comes in and they first were here as a child with a grandparent it is lovely to share memories and in a way it keeps her young.

“Post-Covid I think we all realised how important work is for wellbeing, however, her role of unloading the lorries has definitely been delegated these days!”

The shop prides itself on offering a big choice despite its small store. Anne and the team have always put their commitment to personal, friendly service and expert fitting at the forefront of what they do.

With more than 40 years in the business - and with Anne still working - there are countless stories and interactions that remain in the memory.

“There have been many [stories] over the years, but one comes to mind” remarked Mair.

“Mum got a bump on the head from a roll of carpet - enough to knock her out!

“The ambulance arrived swiftly and the paramedic was a customer of ours. We couldn't tell if she was confused or just great at aftersales - talking about his carpets as she went off for stitches!”

The store will close for the day on Monday in celebration of the milestone.

Moving forward, the shop will continue to work at finding the right products at the right prices for their loyal customer base. 

“It's keeping it simple, but something we both enjoy and we must have been doing right as we’re still here all these years later,” said Mair. 

“The product ranges have expanded somewhat since Anne's early days. We continue to keep our eye on the latest flooring innovations - the small shop with the big choice!”