The second phase of a housing development near Presteigne has been given the go ahead by Powys county planners.

A detailed planning application for 10 homes at Jacks View, in the village of Norton near Presteigne, had been lodged in May 2021 with Powys County Council by John Wilding.

The first phase, which was for eight houses, including four affordable homes, had been given planning permission back in 2017. This is after the principle of developing the land was agreed in an outline planning application in 2014.

Issues with potential river pollution have delayed this application and many others in this part of Powys.

Planning case officer Richard Edwards said: “It should be noted that planning permission (from 2014) was split into two phases with this application considering phase two.”

He added that the time limit for submitting the detailed plans had been extended in December 2020 for another three years.

Mr Edwards said: “The proposed development seeks to erect 10 dwellings which are all open market, given that the affordable housing units have been provided under phase one.

“The development mainly comprises of three-bedroom bungalows and two-storey dwellings.

“The proposed dwellings are all a similar design and style to the adjacent phase one scheme, incorporating materials that will help assimilate the development into the surrounding area.”

Mr Edwards explained that the site is located in the catchment area of the River Wye Special Area for Conservation (SAC).

Since the principle of development was established, evidence has been published of “excessive phosphate levels” in the River Wye SAC.

The potential harmful effect the development could have on the River Wye SAC from phosphate “inputs” needed to be assessed before this phase of the development could be decided.

Mr Edwards said: “The proposal is for ten dwellings, which will connect to the mains sewer networt and will result in an increase in wastewater generated from the site.

“Officers note that the upgrade works and permit for Presteigne Wastewater Treatment Works has now been granted.”

Due to this Mr Edwards believes that the development “fundamentally complies” with planning policy and gave the scheme conditional consent.