POLICE in mid Wales are asking the public to watch out for signs of illegal raves taking place.

The hot weather in July and August often coincides with people trying to hold raves illegally on farmland.

Dyfed-Powys Police is putting on extra patrols this weekend and is working in conjunction with Gwent and South Wales Police forces to prevent and disrupt such gatherings.

Farmers and landowners are asked to be alert for warning signs of any illegal gatherings planned for their land.

A spokesperson for Dyfed-Powys Police said raves and similar events, held without permission, can cause considerable anxiety to people living in the local communities where these events are sometimes staged.

Sergeant Owen Dillon said: “There is little doubt that these type of events are very well planned and that local knowledge is important in drawing down the main group to a particular field, or area of land which has been targeted previously as a suitable venue.

"Farmers, landowners and local communities are encouraged to report any suspicious activity immediately to the police; this may be an unusual numbers of vehicles, especially camper vans, vans or trucks in the locality, illegal trespassers who may be scoping out sites in advance of the event.

“I can assure local communities that police will take the appropriate action to deter illegal gatherings and deal robustly with any criminal offences discovered or disclosed.”

The public are also urged to contact the police if they hear of anyone looking to hire land at short notice for apparently acceptable activities such as gymkhanas and scouts/guides events.

Anyone aware of any suspicious activity is asked to call their local police station on 101.