New research has revealed that Powys is third among regions in the United Kingdom with the most household solar panel installations in 2023/24.

The team at Independent Advisor Solar have analysed the number of solar panels installed, average hours of sunshine between 1991 and 2020 and the installed capacity (kWh) of solar PV panels in each UK region to reveal the solar hotspots of the UK.

Making the county third in the list, 3.29% of households in Powys have had solar panel installations in 2023/24. The total number of installations in the county in the time period is 1,981 solar installations. The county has also seen a 461% increase in solar panel installations from 2018/9 to 2023/4, the 25th-highest increase in the UK.

Leading the way is Angelsey with 4.21% of households having solar panel installations over the last year.

Second on the list and just ahead of Powys is Ceredigion, where 4.12% of households have had solar panel installations in the time period.

Wales is the UK region with the highest increase in solar power installations, with a 300% increase. This region went from 4,441 solar panel installations in 2018/19 to almost quadrupling to 17,763 in 2023/24.