An Ystradgynlais pub has claimed that they lost around £40,000 due to the floods that hit the Swansea Valley last week.

The Aubrey Arms pub, located on Gurnos Road in Ystradgynlais, was hit hard by the floods leaving them with massive damages to their pub and being forced to close for the better part of a week.

The pub’s car park was turned into a lake, and the cellar was flooded completely in the incident, with the pub shutting for most of the week.

Hans Erive, the operational manager of the Aubrey Arms said: “We received the yellow warning from the storm at four or five o’clock, and then the heavens well and truly opened.

“Our car park turned into a lake very quickly, the cellar was flooded, as well as the toilet area and the stairs.”

It is estimated that the potential losses that the business could face will be between £30,000 and £40,000 after you take into account the loss of paying customers for the better part of a week - as well as the small task of repairing the damages that were caused by the storm.

“It has had such a negative impact on our business through lost stock, and damages, it’s going to have cost us tens of thousands, £30,000 - £40,000 if we factor in revenue, stock, equipment as well as the damages that have all affected the business in various ways,” said Hans.

The Aubrey Arms has now put greater measures in place to try and prevent the risk of a similar disaster from happening again.

They have invested in numerous more sandbags, as well as an emergency contact to help with draining that will be on the site within an hour of a call.

Hans also wished to pay tribute to their customers who have helped the business in its time of need.

“The customers have been really good to us 99.9 per cent have rebooked, helped us out, and understood the situation.

“This hasn’t just been locals, they’ve come from surrounding areas, so we are very grateful,” said Hans.