Roads were flooded near Hay-on-Wye after a brook burst its bank during heavy rainfall.

The road from Llanigon to Hay was severely flooded after the heavy rainfall caused the Dulas Brook, which feeds into the river Wye, to burst its banks on Friday.

Dramatic pictures were shared of the road on Hay’s Facebook’s community group, Hay on Wye Community Notice Board, on Friday (April 5) at 9am with the caption “roads to Llanigon flooded at the moment”.

One of the pictures shows a coach and a lorry ploughing through the high waters, meanwhile the second shows the water gushing over the road and down a footpath as flows through a raised metal fence on a bridge over the brook – only metres away from nearby houses.

The online post received 57 shares from other users warning their online friends in the area to stay safe and dry, as well as 11 comments and 50 reactions.

One Facebook user commented: “Oh dear! I can see the brook from my downstairs window which is never a good sign, it’s really high.”

The river level continued to rise until the evening and the Environment Agency warned residents to avoid using low-lying footpaths near watercourses.

The road remained open and was once again clear on the Saturday after the water receded. There are no current flood alerts for the area.