Parts of the UK including Brecon and Radnorshire were treated to sightings of the Northern Lights yesterday evening (Sunday, 3 March).

Typically seen in Iceland and Norway, the Northern Lights are also known as Aurora Borealias and could be seen last night in the area.

Pictures taken by Danielle Herbert from Vale Farm in Lower Chapel near Brecon show pink and purple colours in the sky. As the lights are not often seen with the naked eye, the photographs were taken on a Google Pixel 7A phone on night mode, and mounted on a tripod which allows you to access astrophotography mode.

According to the Met Office the northern lights occur as a consequence of solar activity and result from collisions of charged particles in the solar wind colliding with molecules in the Earth's upper atmosphere.

The purple colour shown through Danielle’s images indicate that nitrogen was involved in the collision of charged particles and the Earth’s atmosphere.

Green is the most common colour to see and occurs when particles hit the oxygen in the lower atmosphere, and red occurs when particles collide with oxygen in the upper atmosphere.

Purple and Green lights were seen over Pen y Fan and Corn Du last night also.

The aurora can sometimes be seen in Scotland but it is very rare to see the lights as far south as Wales.

Due to last night’s favourable conditions with it being dry and clear, this was made visibly possible in Powys.