Residents of Cwmdu have launched a petition to make their speed limits compatible with other villages, saying that currently there are 'double standards' when it comes to their village.

The current speed through Cwmdu is 40mph, despite having the same heavy flow traffic as Tretower and Bwlch, which both have limits of 30 and 20. Residents have started a petition, which they hope will get enough signatures and catch the attention of the Welsh Government.

William Forster, who has helped launch the campaign, said: "The 40mph limit remains despite requests to adjust it to 30. We have street lights, a pub, a playground, a sports field, a bus stop, a village hall, footpaths and dangerous junctions, on-street parking and lots of frustration locally. When the school bus drops children off, they then have to cross a notoriously fast, busy road with heavy lorries and other traffic steaming through at 40 mph or more.

"Tretower, a smaller village on the same busy road with houses like ours, quite rightly got their 30mph implemented, and now 20mph. The traffic passing them that had been shaking their houses and foundations continues to do the same in Cwmdu. The revision for Tretower has been well supported and justly applied. It's just that Cwmdu seems to be forgotten."

The petition, titled 'Create a sustainable traffic plan for the Rhiangoll Valley', asks that the limit be reduced to 30mph, and 20mph past the pub, houses and playground. They are also asking that there be enforcement of exhaust noise regulations with the installation of monitoring and enforcement cameras at both ends of the A479, as well as the creation of a weight limit for the full length of the road to ensure vibration from heavy freight causes no further damage to historic buildings. There are also calls for the instillation of routes for healthy and environmentally sustainable travel such as walking and cycling.

Cwmdu was one of the roads that wasn't changed when the blanket 20mph limit came in in built-up areas. Designated as a trunk road, William believes this is halting the process of changing the limit. "Ours is a 40mph and a trunk road. The Trunk Road Agency and Powys resist putting in 30mph, so we had no chance for a 20. We weren't a Trunk Road not so long ago. I believe we were trunked when they expanded the road over Pengenford."

He feels like fighting for change has left them at a disadvantage. "We are at a loss. We have the same traffic as others but get left with a 40 limit when 30 or even 20 seems common sense. We have on-street parking, without an option of off street and yet no changes have been made. Cars parked by villagers regularly get knocked."

Amongst those supporting the call for action, is William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Talgarth and Pengenffordd and former Senedd Member for Mid and West Wales. He is currently helping to cover Crickhowell with Cwmdu and Tretower Ward in the present vacancy, before the 9th November By-Election.  Commenting on the campaign, Cllr Powell said: "I congratulate Mr Forster and his fellow petitioners on taking this forward. The petition contains a series of asks that are common sense and in the interests of public safety. For more than a decade, working with former County Councillor Kathryn Silk and members of the local community, we have been making the case for speed limit reduction. Initially, after a meeting with then Transport Minister, Mrs Edwina Hart and local campaigners at the Senedd in 2013, we secured a temporary 50MPH limit for much of the A479, which has subsequently been made permanent. Cllr Silk then progressed the case for Tretower with local residents, culminating in today's 20MPH limit there.

"She and I remain supportive of this call, to secure greater protection for local residents, visitors and motorists in Cwmdu village. The narrowness of the road in the vicinity of the busy Farmers Arms and the currently unmarked junction towards Felindre make this case more compelling."

The Welsh Government have been contacted for comment.