A Clyro business has been forced to close its doors for good, after a second theft cleared them of most of their stock, including a bike for their young son, Mason.

Matthew, who owns MD-MX, a motorsport shop in Clyro, woke up this week to discover that all of his new stock, including helmets, gloves and clothes, were taken. It's estimated that he has lost thousands so close to Christmas. A business next door to his, known as Lee Walters Off-Road Training, also had a bike stolen in the same robbery.

Writing on Facebook, Matthew said: "MDMX is closed. Again thieves strike and this time they have taken my son's bikes, all our new stock of helmets, and everything else. This is the end. Even the parcels that I packed for sending today. I'm so sorry, but this is the end for us."

Matthew had bought a bike for his son, which was stolen and loaded into a vehicle on the A438 road. "I have to break my son's heart tonight and tell him his pride and joy race bike has been taken away. The next morning after he eventually got to sleep from crying I walked in to find him taking his pictures down of his bike and packing them away. Money comes and goes but that feeling will stay forever.

"Please, if someone saw a vehicle parked on the old road Clyro that leads to the river Wye track early hours Wednesday morning or late Tuesday evening, please get in touch. This is where the van/vehicle was parked waiting for them to load everything into. The route was planned by them."

It's not the first time Matthew has had stock stolen from his business. Just over 3 years ago, thieves targeted his business, but he was able to bounce back from it. Matthew developed the business by building a lodge outside his home, and focussing on online sales, seeing the business grow from strength to strength. The shop was on the grounds of the Baskerville Hall Hotel, close to his home. "Unfortunately we live in a world where our belongings are not safe. Not even in our own homes. All damage to the building. Boxes of shop stock were taken including clothing. It's a massive hit on us just before Christmas."

It's been a rough road to grow his business, but Matthew found the strength to continue from customer support over the years. "Four and a half years ago I suffered a life-changing spinal injury that has left me with cauda equina syndrome. I had to give up my job and to keep busy I started my shop when I was well enough. It grew brilliantly, but my health has always held me back. But thanks to my fantastic loyal customers it kept going.

"I've lost every penny of it plus more. I'm extremely embarrassed but unfortunately, I didn't have the correct insurance policies in place."


Dyfed Powys Police have confirmed that police have received the report and are investigating.

The friends of Matthew's partner, Claire, have put together a fundraiser for the family, so that they can afford to buy Mason a new bike. "We are deeply, truly grateful for the friends we have that have donated to Claire's fundraising page. I'm so embarrassed and demoralised, and finding it hard to accept such generosity, but there are some amazing people out there that make up for the handful of those that are not."

Now, Matthew is hoping that the culprits can be found. "We as a family will move on as we have been hit so hard over the past few years. But I do encourage all business owners to go the extra mile with securities and policies as I'd not want this emotional turmoil on anyone. I don't want another business or family to go through what we have."

The fundraiser can be found here.