Despite the cloudy weather, Wales’ largest dark sky park, Elan Valley, has shown its visitors that there are still plenty of ‘dramatic’ sights to see.

Three of the mid Wales region’s four main dams have been overspilling this week as a result of the recent weather.

Mike Booth, the manager at Elan Valley Visitor Centre, said the fourth dam isn’t far from overspilling either.

He told the Cambrian News: “At the moment there are three dams over-spilling, and another one isn’t far off, so if this rain keeps up until the weekend, we’ll have four overspilling.

“It’s very impressive coming over the top. It’s designed to do this, and there’s no risk from it whatsoever.

But it’s a very dramatic sight nonetheless, if you stand on the bridge below it, you can feel the water spraying - it’s a bit like Niagara Falls really.

“All of the dams have been built to replicate the flow of a waterfall, so when you come here at this time of year you can see them all overspilling.

“The one in the footage, Caban Coch, opened in 1904, you’ve also got Graig Goch and Garreg Ddu. The modern one is called Clerwyn.”

“We have got a lot of hidden dams too, there’s one which never got finished which is prone to overspills, but it’s not a problem, because it all flows in the Caban Coch reservoir.”

Water hasn’t historically been the only thing flowing through these dams, in 1943 a group called dambusters came to the park to test the efficiency of their underwater bomb. They tested this on the Nantgwyllt dam. Mr Booth said the visitor centre has footage of these tests being carried out.

“It’s an exciting time to come and visit the park, that’s for sure.”