Brecon Corries Under 13s team won their third trophy of the season on Friday, May 31 at Rich Field with a 2-1 win in the League Cup final.

The team had already won the Winter League and the South Powys League this season and recently added the League Cup to their collection.

It was an all-Corries affair in the League Cup final as Real Corries took on Corries United. Real Corries came out as winners, completing their treble.

A spokesperson for Brecon Corries Football Club said: “Winning all three titles in football is a challenging and rewarding accomplishment that showcases a team's skill, teamwork, and determination.

“Securing any title requires consistency, resilience, and strategic planning throughout the season. Additionally, winning the league cup in conjunction with the league title adds prestige and recognition to a team's success, demonstrating their versatility and dominance in different competitions.

“Overall, this is a testament to this team's excellence and a source of pride for fans and players alike. When we take our children to any club to play sport all we want for them is to enjoy playing something that brings them happiness and a sense of togetherness, which this team has in abundance.

“Congratulations to all players and their amazing coaches Dai Davies and Adam Tebbitt for an outstanding season. Everyone at the Corries are incredibly proud of you all and all of the hard work you’ve put in this season. The future is bright!”

With the win in the cup final, the Corries Under 13s have gone unbeaten all season long from start to finish.

The team included Harri Griffiths, Kian Belcher, Ryan Price, Zach Davies, Lestyn Taylor, Dominik Bialowas, Oliver Forbes, Jakey Watts (C), Tobias Powell, Noah Price, and Thomas Simmons.