SUNDAY, June 26 saw 103 players turned out to play in the annual professional’s day and although the weather didn’t play fair for the afternoon starters everyone seemed to enjoy the day and the hospitality of the Pro after their round.

The course stood up to the constant rain and it looked and played very well, a credit to the hard work of the greens staff, and although the ground conditions were ideal for scoring the course was defended by the gusting wind which meant that scores were only just better than par.

As the competition is open to all sections of the club the ladies were able to play and this was won by Mags Jones, the ladies vice captain, narrowly beating Ronnie Creswell and Jan Williams into second and third place respectively.

The mens was a very close affair with Spencer Cleaves good form continuing, after a second place midweek, he topped the table with the best of the four cards with 38 points.

He also reduced his handicap down to single figures getting nearer to the handicap he left the club as a junior, when scores are this close the places were decided by the count back.

Mens Results: First - Spencer Cleaves (h’cap 10) 38 points; Second - Tony Bowkett (h’cap 19) 38 points; Third - Terry Eckley (h’cap 18) 38 points; Fourth - Shaun Matthews (h’cap 6) 38 points; Fifth - Colin Freeman (h’cap 17) 37 points.

Ladies Results: First - Mags Jones (h’cap 18) 35 points; Second - Ronnie Creswell (h’cap 14) 33 points; Third - Jan Williams (h’cap 18) 31 points. There were 7 Balls for 2’s.

The results from the mid-week medal that took place on Wednesday June 22 were as follows:- First - Adam Goddard (h’cap 21) Nett 66; Second - Spencer Cleaves (h’cap 10) Nett 68; Third - Kevin Winton (h’cap 9) Nett 68. Five Callaway Warbirds for 2’s.