The robin that has taken residence in an Aldi shop in Brecon has this week been in the headlines after his future at the shop has been uncertain.

Over the weekend, rumours circulated online that the robin, who has taken residence in the Aldi shop for two years, was threatened with removal or extermination, after a customer complaint. A fundraiser was created in a bid to save the bird, but it was taken offline after confirmation from the shop that the robin was welcome to stay 'as long as it likes'.

Ben Jones, assistant store manager, told the BBC that the shop had 'no intention' of removing the robin, and that 'nothing is going to happen' to it.

However, today news has circulated online once again that on Friday, the robin will be removed by pest control. The Brecon and Radnor Express has not been able to confirm these reports. Aldi has been approached for comment.

Rumours suggest that managers of the Brecon shop were 'furious' that staff had spoken with the media.

Since entering the shop, visitors have enjoyed seeing the robin. His chirping has entertained shoppers, with one person saying: "I love the fact that he’s always in there, it’s very cute and sometimes he’s singing his little heart out."

Another Facebook user said: "He was in yesterday too. Sounded absolutely beautiful and it was lovely to see. I do hope they let him stay there as long as he’s happy and healthy."

The robin's antics have become synonymous with the Brecon shop, with many people calling for Aldi to use the bird in marketing campaigns.