A social media post by Welsh Liberal Democrats Councillor for Llanidloes, Glyn Preston, has angered Conservative party members.

In a since-deleted post on X, Cllr Glyn Preston shared a photo of Powys Liberal Democrats representatives grouped together in a pub, captioned: ‘Good day in the office for Powys Lib Dems.’ It followed on the same day of the agreed budget increase, which will see a rise to council tax of over 7 per cent.

Taking to X, Conservative County Councillor Iain McIntosh posted: “Following yesterday's 7.5% Council Tax hike and other appalling service reductions, and price increases, the @WelshLibDems described it as a 'good day in the office’.” He also attached the deleted post, where he has added text to the image, detailing some of the things agreed upon or discussed in the council meeting.

The post has naturally caught the eye of Fay Jones, MP for Brecon and Radnorshire and James Evans, MS for Brecon and Radnorshire, who issued a joint statement, saying they were ‘disgusted’ to see a photo of the Powys Liberal Democrat Councillors ‘seemingly celebrating’ on the same day as the confirmed council tax increase and the news of blue badge holders having to pay for parking.

Mr Evans said: “For the Liberal Democrat Councillors in Powys County Council to describe a day where they voted to increase council tax, to start charging blue badge holders for parking, and to revert our roads back to stone as a “good day in the office” is an insult to the people living across Powys. It’s even more disgusting to see them all out celebrating this. This just shows how little the Lib Dem Councillors think of the very people they are meant to work for.”

Ms Jones said: “Celebrating after imposing huge tax increases on residents show the disdain the Lib Dems have for the people of B&R. This attitude is appalling and together with their list of broken promises shows they cannot be trusted.”

Councillor Glyn Preston said: “It's ridiculous to suggest I was celebrating a rise in council tax, I am extremely aware of the impact this rise is going to have on people across the County.

"However, following months of hard work and negotiations during a difficult budget setting process I was pleased to pass a budget that protects front line services as best as possible despite the tough decisions central Government are forcing all local councils to make.

"The Conservatives, the Independents and Plaid Cymru all refused to put forward alternative budgets or lower council tax rates during the entire budget setting process and all failed to take up an invitation to comment on the draft budget ahead of the vote.

"Local Government funding needs fundamental reform. Everyone knows this, yet the Conservative Government has continued to force councils across the country to cut services and increase spending tax. The best way to fix local Government funding is to remove the Conservatives from office in Westminster.”