A demonstration held outside of a Presteigne business took place last week to demand answers regarding weapons and equipment supplied to Israel during the Israel-Gaza conflict.

16 members of Radnor Palestine Links went to visit Teledyne Labtech, in Presteigne, to request an answer to a letter that had been sent both via email and handed in at the gate. Teledyne Labtech has been approached for comment. Teledyne Labtech specialises in the design, manufacture and testing of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

The group is waiting for a reply to their query as to whether the company is supplying components for a range of weaponry used in Israel, including military radar systems, missiles, fighter jets and military drones.

Angie Zelter, one of the demonstrators, told The Brecon and Radnor Express: “We only heard that Labtech was supplying components to the Israeli military after the Palestine Action at Teledyne in 2022. Evidence of the supply to Israel was uncovered by Palestine Action who still have copies of the webpages that were taken down soon after their action but which I have seen. There was also evidence given in the trial by the Teledyne manager admitting that components were provided to weapons for Israel.

“We are hoping that Teledyne will engage with us so we can find out what exactly they do and who they provide components of weapons to. What percentage goes to Israel or to a 3rd party who then sends them to Israel. How many people are employed there and how we can help them diversify into peaceful and lawful production so they do not have to be engaged in providing the weaponry to commit war crimes?”

The group, who have been involved in Palestine solidarity work for many years, having visited and worked in the West Bank, want clarity. “We will continue to demonstrate outside their factory with more and more people. We will start leafleting widely to try to persuade workers to strike or find other employment, and look into legal proceedings against the company. We cannot turn a blind eye to aiding and abetting genocide or we will have learnt nothing from the 2nd World War.”

Angie hopes the demonstrations not only achieve a resolution but help people see that the conflict is closer to home than people might realise. “Our demonstrations aim to awaken the public conscience and make people aware of what is going on in their backyards; to show there is local opposition to anything that is supporting the Israeli war crimes and genocide and to persuade Teledyne to stop producing components for weapons going to Israel or any other country involved in human rights abuses.

“We are advocating for a ceasefire - a permanent one - and for an end to the conflict by finally setting up a free and independent Palestine promised in 1948 when the Israeli State was set up in Palestine on Palestinian land.”