TimeScape Rhayader is proud to announce its latest addition of five large artworks along an outdoor pathway.

The permanent exhibition features work by local artist SuzyBee Brady, who is well known for using her art to respond to the urgent issue of climate change.

Each of the five large artworks offer a unique perspective on the natural world. Visitors can expect to see colourful, carefully created works that celebrate the unique landscapes of Radnorshire, as well as celebrating visions of a green and compassionate future.

The artworks are deeply environmentally conscious, being made with clay paints, handmade papers and potato starch glue before being edited with computer software.

“Museums have always been a platform for meaningful conversations and reflection, and this exhibition is no exception,” said co-director Catherine Allan.

“We hope that these works of art will inspire visitors to consider their relationship to the natural world around them, and encourage them to reflect on the ways in which they engage with it.”

SuzyBee Brady artwork
A further example of SuzyBee Brady’s artwork along the outdoor pathway in Rhayader (Suzanne Brady)

TimeScape Rhayader is a newly developed visitor attraction that aims to provide a permanent home for Rhayader’s past and future stories. It is run by CARAD, with the support of the local community.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the new permanent display,” said artist SuzyBee Brady.

“Art has the power to make people think, to inspire change, and to create a better world. We hope that these artwork panels will bring joy and inspiration to everyone who sees them.”

In addition to the exhibition outside, TimeScape Rhayader will also include two floors of new interactive displays, developed with the local community from the archives and museum collections of Rhayader’s past.

It will be opening its doors to visitors in the summer of 2023.

For more information, please visit timescaperhayader.co.uk or contact Aster Woods at [email protected].