An independent charity is offering a free home energy check for older residents in Powys, it has been announced.

Age Cymru Powys is offering the check for residents over 65 who are living in a cold, damp or poorly maintained home, or struggling to pay their energy bills and stay warm.

The home energy check is a free advice and fitting service, with the aim of helping residents reduce their energy bills.

During the check, the Age Cymru Powys trusted Home Energy Officer can visit the resident to fit equipment to increase the energy efficiency of their home, as well as offer practical tips to help them stay warm and well.

Steve Cadwallader-Jones, Home Energy Officer at Age Cymru Powys, explains what help is available:

“With the current cost of living crisis, many people are worried about paying their gas and electric bills. This can lead to older people cutting back on their heating, which we know can be dangerous as older people are more vulnerable to the impacts of living in a cold home.

“We can install simple energy efficiency equipment for you, free of charge, such as:

• Draught excluders around doors and windows

• Radiator reflector panels

• Energy-efficient lightbulbs

• Chimney draught excluders

• Water cylinder jacket

• Low-energy night lights

• Cold alarm

“We are on your side to ensure your home is as warm and energy efficient as possible – contact Age Cymru Powys now and we will help you to keep warm and well in your home this winter.”

To register:

Contact Steve Cadwallader-Jones, Home Energy Officer at Age Cymru Powys

Age Cymru Powys, Old Warehouse, Parker’s Lane, Newtown, Powys SY16 2LT

Call: 01686 623707

Email: [email protected]