Powys resident, Avril Meyler, has criticised construction companies on their treatment of residents and their concerns after her garden hedge was torn down by workers earlier this year.

 The hedge at the end of Avril’s garden in Bronllys was removed without her permission by construction workers, who were building houses behind the estate she lives on. Avril then purchased a fence to replace the hedge. After going through an estate manager, Avril said the construction company refused to pay for any of the fence. She believes that this is an example of what is happening in many different areas with the power that construction companies hold.

 Avril said: “I go through an estate manager and asked him to have a look. He was personally appalled with what had happened. I personally paid for this (fence) to go up but what’s happening now is brambles are growing through and damaging the new fence. 

 “It is now a wild hedge because they haven’t cleared the roots. Beforehand it was a natural hedge. It’s regrown in a mess.”

 The new houses are being built behind a row of sheltered housing. Avril explained the stresses that have been caused by the construction work. She said: “All these houses are sheltered housing. These people are here because they are vulnerable, Powys has a responsibility to make sure that their living is as comfortable as possible, taking into consideration their needs. Of course, the noise, the pollution, all the rest that has happened is affecting people’s lives.

 “Since they brought their Industrial sized Construction Equipment into the field in January, life has been a nightmare for us residents, who have frequently launched complaints about the noise, the breaking of working hours, and regulations.” 

 Regarding the noise complaints, Powys County Council said: “The council received a noise complaint regarding the ongoing development at this location, which was investigated by the council. As part of its investigation, the council met with the developer to inform them of the complaint to ensure that any work is carried out within the permitted hours as part of the planning conditions.”

 Issues were also raised about a pathway in between the houses where temporary fencing was placed. The feet of the fence stuck out and were not clearly visible, being covered in grass cuttings. The issue was dealt with by the construction workers. Mrs Meyler said: “It was only through direct action taken by residents that this is being sorted out. The community council weren’t willing to do it, or they didn’t know about it. People need to be encouraged to take responsibility, not rely on other people to sort it out for you.

 “All the time it’s like if somebody doesn’t speak up and keep mentioning it nothing will be done, and we shouldn’t be in that position, we shouldn’t have to do that.”

 Avril was keen to highlight the powers she believes these construction companies have and their treatment of residents and their concerns.

 She said: “It’s (her garden hedge) trivial in the larger scheme of things, I understand that, but it’s a little example of what is happening in various different areas.” 

 The construction company was contacted for a response.