A 15 foot banner has been hung across the closure listed branch of Barclays Bank in Llanwrtyd Wells.

The banner is the latest stage in a community campaign to try and persuade the bank to reverse its decision to close the branch in the town square.

Gordon Green, one of those involved in the campaign, said: "It is important to have a bank in town and people should be able the option as to how the get their money. The bank just want everyone to go online but some don’t want to do that for security reasons or they would rather be able to go into the bank and have their money without having to travel 12 miles to Builth Wells or Llandovery."

The banner reads ’Barclays not big enough profits from UK’s smallest town’.

It was erected on Tuesday evening after the branch closed for the day. The branch, which is only open three days a week, isn’t due to re-open until Friday, October 23.

Mr Green said the campaign group had been given permission by the bank’s landlords to hang the banner from the building in which the bank is housed.

Barclays announced in August it intended closing the part time branch on Friday, November 27 but has said customers could use the local Post Office for financial transactions.

It blamed a 10 per cent decline in customer usage over the last year and a ’large proportion of customers using other branches’ for the decision.

It had also said it was committed to following the new UK Government protocol on branch closures.