After securing £240,000 of funding from the Westminster Government two weeks ago, the Community Benefit Society for the Radnor Arms Hotel have announced some upcoming events to raise money for the refurbishment of the pub.

The pub, situated in the village of New Radnor, was purchased privately last year and held, whilst the community have set up their community benefit society to pay for it. 

The Community Benefit Society applied to the Community Ownership Fund, and have held other fundraisers such as an exhibition, concert, quizzes, and a community shop.

The group have now announced some upcoming events to help raise money for the pub.

On Sunday, 16 July at. 4.30pm the village is hosting a walking treasure hunt and barbecue. The treasure hunt costs £5 per adult and £4 per child.

On Sunday 13, August at 2.30pm in Walton Village Hall there will be a talk from Dr. Marion Evans and others about the many hugely significant Neolithic structures and Roman remains.

The talk will be followed by a walk, led by John Goodwin, which will cost £5 per person, with all proceeds going towards the Radnor Arms Hotel Community Benefit Society.

The following weekend there will be a pub to pub sponsored walk on Saturday, 19 August.

The Community Benefit Society have also teased plans for an Autumn Tractor run.

All money made from these upcoming events will go towards the Radnor Arms Hotel Community Benefit Society, and following the news of the £240,000 funding from West Minster Government, Ben Asson of the society commented: "We obviously need to raise the match funding to claim the money and that’s going to happen through the share issue we’re about to launch.

“As a rural community we need a place to meet and there’s a lot of people working on their own, self-employed people, farmers and a lot of elderly people who don’t see many folk, so it’s really important for the pub to be up and running as soon as possible."