Footage from BBC Newsnight / BBC iPlayer

BBC Newsnight broadcast from St Mary’s Priory in Abergavenny last night saw a protestor voice her concerns about pollution in the River Wye.

Angela Jones, who has been campaigning for the River Wye for the past six years, unfurled a banner that read ‘Protect our Rivers’. She said: "We need to protect our rivers. We've got to the stage where no politicians are listening to what is happening."

The topic being discussed was whether people in the Welsh market town agreed with the Prime Minister’s claim that the economy has ‘turned the corner’ and what they want to hear from politicians in an election year.

Victoria Derbyshire, who was presenting the show, allowed Angela to have her say but did say that the show was ending because of a lack of time, and not because of Angela’s words.

Angela told The Brecon and Radnor Express: “After listening to the panel there was a complete detachment from reality and connection of what the voters want, and yet more broken promises and failures by this Government and lack of clarity or direction by any of the others, so I spoke out.

“Our rivers haven’t got time on their side and after 6 years of campaigning and watching our rivers decline drastically I wanted to continue to bring that immediate attention, as attending years of meetings, speaking in Westminster and being part of many pollution programs, there still has been no progress in restoring our Wye & Usk Rivers health.”

Angela leads protest through Brecon in 2023
Angela leads protest through Brecon in 2023 (B&R)

In May last year, Angela led a protest through Brecon, chanting 'less faeces, more species' and 'shame on Welsh Water!' in aid of the ‘Save the River Usk” campaign.

Manure spread on fields, arising from the 24 million chickens in the area, has been identified as a major cause of pollution in the Wye and its tributaries, harming wildlife.

TV critic and broadcaster Scott Bryan dubbed Angela the ‘world’s politest protestor’, and commended Victoria Derbyshire’s respectful way of handling the protest.