The MS for Brecon and Radnorshire, James Evans, has said that the Welsh Government needs to provide clarity on their future plans for Gilestone Farm, after their initial plans for Green Man expansion fell through.

On Monday the 29th, the Minister for the Economy of Wales released a statement to say that the Gilestone Farm plans have been scrapped, due to nesting ospreys in the area. The birds are protected and rare, and haven't been seen in the area for 200 years.

Responding to developments around Gilestone Farm, James Evans MS, Shadow Minister for Mid Wales, said: “When the Welsh Government is sitting on such a large and devalued asset, taxpayers are entitled to clarity on what they intend to do with the site and what review processes are being done to make sure this never happens again.

“We have had no clarity on what Labour ministers plan to do with this site other than that they are engaging with partners, while Gilestone Farm continues to be known as the most expensive public owned bird nest in history.

“The Minister must act with transparency and explain how much taxpayers’ money he thinks he can recoup from yet another botched Labour vanity project, and how much more public money the Welsh Government is going waste on Green Man.”

During Senedd topical questions today, the 31st of January, Vaughan Gething told James Evans: "Public money hasn't been wasted. We acquired an asset at slightly under market value. We have a commercial farm business tenancy on the site. The site is in use. Indeed, we are looking at the long-term future of Green Man. We need more businesses like Green Man, not fewer."

In 2022, the Welsh Government acquired Gilestone Farm for £4.25 million 'to support the growth of the creative sector in Wales.'