The Welsh Liberal Democrats have today expressed their reaction to the news that the Gilestone Farm Project is no longer going ahead, due to nesting ospreys in the area.

Jane Dodds MS for Mid & West Wales said that she hopes further discussions will go ahead to develop opportunities for all in the area.

Commenting, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MS said: “I am encouraged to hear about the recent discovery of an Osprey nest at Gilestone Farm and would like to thank those involved for taking the right steps in ensuring the safety of these magnificent birds.

"The planned project from Green Man would have brought much-needed economic benefits to Powys.  Hopefully, there will be further discussions on how best to develop opportunities for all, particularly for our young people in Powys, ensuring that they are able to access jobs in their local communities.

"I would like to thank Green Man for the positive benefits that it brings to Powys and we hope there will be further opportunities for development in the future.

"We hope the community of Talybont will now be able to move on, and for residents to positively move forward for the future of this wonderful community."

In 2022, the Welsh Government acquired Gilestone Farm for £4.25 million 'to support the growth of the creative sector in Wales.' In a written statement, Mr Gething has announced that the plans 'can no longer be realised', due to nesting ospreys.