Patryk Bialowas, 18, from Brecon has recently been appointed as the Cardiff Met Futsal First Team Manager.

The former Brecon High School pupil is currently the Head Analyst at Hereford FC.

Speaking about his new role, Patryk said: “It's truly an honor to be entrusted with such a significant role at Cardiff Met Futsal. I'm humbled by the confidence the club has shown in me, especially considering my age. 

“I've always believed in the importance of blending traditional tactical wisdom with modern analytical approaches, and I see this role as a fantastic opportunity to further that belief. While the responsibility is immense, I am eager to contribute to the club's rich legacy and take on the challenges that lie ahead. I'm ambitious and fully committed to helping the team achieve even greater successes in the future.

“The opportunity came about rather organically. During a stand where I initially expressed my interest as a player, I had the chance to meet the captain and vice-captain, both of whom have been instrumental in reviving the team after its brief hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our conversation evolved from my potential as a player to the competitive nature and vision of the team. Recognizing our aligned passion for the sport, we decided to meet up for a more in-depth discussion.

“Over the course of a few hours, we explored various facets of the club, from on-pitch strategies to the essential administrative and financial aspects. Both the captain and vice-captain, who also serve as coaches, were deeply involved in this dialogue. It was a constructive exchange of ideas, and I was genuinely impressed with their dedication and insights.

“Given my background and the unique perspective I could offer, it became evident that my role would be most impactful off the pitch. By the end of our discussion, we collectively felt that my skills were best suited for a managerial role. The idea was that I would oversee the team's direction and work closely with the captain and vice-captain on finances and other administrative responsibilities, ensuring the club not only thrives competitively but also remains sustainable and well-organized off the pitch. It was a mutual decision, rooted in trust and a shared vision for Cardiff Met Futsal's bright future.”

Patryk will maintain his role as Head Analyst at Hereford FC along with the managerial role at Cardiff Met and has said that working under Hereford FC manager, Paul Caddis has been “an incredible experience.”

He is hoping to transfer the managerial skills he has learnt from managing a 5-a-side football team to futsal, with the tactical similarities that the games share. Patryk told the Brecon & Radnor Express: “While on the surface 5-a-side football and futsal might seem quite distinct, there are several underlying similarities and transferrable experiences that can be leveraged for this role.

“Firstly, both formats emphasize the importance of tight spaces, quick decision-making, and high ball retention. My experience with the 5-a-side team in Hereford has given me insights into player movement and positioning in restricted spaces, the significance of rapid ball circulation, and the need for swift transitions. These skills are critical in futsal, where space is a premium and the game's tempo is brisk.

“Furthermore, managing a 5-a-side team provided me with a deeper understanding of the nuances of small-sided games, including the emphasis on individual skills, quick rotations, and the value of every possession. This understanding is directly applicable to futsal, which shares many of these tactical elements.

“Another key area of overlap is team dynamics. Smaller teams mean that individual relationships, roles, and understanding between players become even more paramount. Nurturing a cohesive unit, ensuring players are in sync, and building trust are lessons I've taken from my time in Hereford that will undeniably benefit my approach at Cardiff Met Futsal.

“The tactical flexibility and adaptability required in 5-a-side matches, where games can pivot on a single play or decision, have equipped me with the ability to read the game quickly, make on-the-fly adjustments, and react to the ebb and flow of a match. This agility in thinking and tactical adaptability is crucial in futsal, given its dynamic nature.

“In summary, while there are distinct differences between the two formats, the foundational principles, tactical insights, and managerial experiences from 5-a-side football provide a robust framework that I believe will significantly influence and benefit my approach to futsal management.”

Patryk Bialowas.
Patryk coaching with Hereford FC at Edgar Street Stadium. (Taken by Adam Corbett.)

Despite not being affiliated with a league yet, the team has made lots of progress off the field, holding an open trial that had a fantastic turnout.

Patryk says the team have carried out some training sessions and played in friendly matches, which they have been victorious in all.

The team are currently engaged in an appeal process for a late application to the BUCS league. 

They have faced obstacles in entering the league as before Patryk arrived, the club faced challenges in terms of financial backing and player interest and therefore did not apply for entrance in the league, that was meant to be made months ago.

 Speaking about Cardiff Met’s rivals and Patryk’s aims with the team, he said: “My primary aim is unequivocal: I want to win. It's ingrained in my nature; I despise losing. Given the talent and quality we possess, winning is not just an aim, it's an expectation. The ultimate goal is to top whichever league we find ourselves in.

 “When I look at our local rivals, Cardiff Uni, who have established themselves as one of the premier futsal teams in the nation, it stirs a fire in me. The reality that they've risen to such prominence while Cardiff Met Futsal hasn’t had consistent play for years doesn't sit well with me. 

 “We are globally recognized as one of the leading sports universities, and the notion that we're overshadowed in our own city, in our own domain, is something I aim to change.

 “My vision is to not only challenge Cardiff Uni but to create a legacy here at Cardiff Met that speaks of dominance and success. A legacy that sees us not just competing but consistently outperforming our rivals, amassing trophies, and establishing an era of supremacy. It's time to shift the narrative and ensure that Cardiff Met Futsal is synonymous with excellence, both locally and nationally.”