Author Baz Price hosted a book signing in WH Smith’s Brecon on Saturday, 23 March for his first book called ‘Breaking Dad: Man-Up Snowflake,’ which explores his families personal challenges of the Shared Parental Leave policy.

When his wife became pregnant, Baz wanted to be hands-on and spend more time with their first child. However his employer at the time, Powys County Council, only offered biological fathers shared parental leave at the statutory rate. Baz and his wife Laura realised that it was financially not possible for him to share the parental responsibilities with Laura.

The couple challenged this policy and took his employer to court in an employment tribunal hearing. The book details Baz and his family’s story that went on for over two years, of setting up petitions and tribunal hearing’s in their fight for the right of biological fathers to be entitled to enhanced parental leave on a par with birth mothers and adoptive parents.

Speaking about the book signing, Baz said: “It was a fantastic and surreal experience to have had a book signing in my home town. I am so grateful to the manager of WHSmith, Grahame Price, for making it happen. Seeing my friends and family and having 'Breaking Dad: Man-Up Snowflake' on the WHSmith website was a feeling I'll never forget.

“In all honesty, when my wife and I started the process of challenging the outdated shared parental leave policy, way back in the 'good old days' before Covid, I never imagined it would have resulted in a published book. We are extremely happy it has done so, because it means the sacrifices we made have delivered a lasting prompt for discussions about shared parental leave and the gender pay-gap. It is also something tangible we can give to our kids, rather than it being an experience lost to memory over time.

“We would like to thank Olympia Publishers for taking a punt on us, the legend Emma at Book-ish in Crickhowell for stocking our book, Grahame Price at WHSmith and everyone who has bought a copy and wished us well. Thank you.”