A stray dog has been rescued after more than a month lost in the Powys countryside.

Through social media, posters were shared regarding a blonde dog who was seen around Llandrindod, Llanbister, Dolau, Llandewi, Crosshands and surrounding areas.

It was through these social media posts that the Missing Dog Support Team CIC, a non-profit organisation, was made aware. They set out to set up traps, using local volunteers, but it was no easy task.

“Securing a dog like this one who never stayed in one place for long took teamwork,” the group said on Facebook.

People who spotted the dog tried to get her, but she ended up fleeing. “With the help of two volunteers we placed a number of cameras and feeding stations,” the group said. “The dog was constantly on the move.”

With the lambing season in full swing, some farmers in the area were concerned that the dog might attack livestock, so the team knew they needed to act fast.

Cameras set up eventually showed the dog at the feeding station
Cameras set up eventually showed the dog at the feeding station (Missing Dog Support Team CIC)

“In early March one of the cameras showed her at the feeding station,” the group said. “The team waited in their vehicle nearby overnight, hoping the dog would return for some more food. Morning came and there was no sign.”

The dog was then spotted moving away from the trap along the railway line. After attempts at setting up traps, the group had to change their strategy. “We would need to get ahead of her with the trap and place it in her path.”

Following sightings, they deduced she had a regular track. The Davies family farm allowed the team to set up the trap on their land. However, she ended up fleeing and was spotted again on another farm.

The team got in touch with the farmer, Mr Bowen, and set up another trap. “The dog entered the trap and the door closed. After at least a month of roaming the dog was finally safe.”

The dog is now with the rescue team for assessment, safe and well.