Plans to widen the main road in Llandrindod Wells have left residents feeling ‘dismissed’ by the local authority, according to local MP Fay Jones. 

Ms Jones voiced her concerns after a public meeting at her office in the town. The MP convened the meeting after receiving a high volume of complaints regarding the Active Travel scheme which has been constructed in the middle of Llandrindod Wells. 

The scheme is a partnership between the Welsh Government and Powys County Council. Pavements will be widened for pedestrians and cyclists, while junctions will be amended to give priority to walkers and people on bikes.

Around 25 constituents attended the session and aired a number of concerns about the implementation of the scheme.  

Fay Jones MP said: “Everyone agreed that the idea in principle is a good one, but the overwhelming view was that they had no chance to comment on the plans before the local authority steamrolled ahead. Residents feel as though their views have been dismissed.  

“The practicalities of the scheme on such a vital trunk of road have been poorly thought out. There are now pinch points on the A483 making it impossible for two heavy goods vehicles to pass simultaneously. This creates obstacles for vehicles meaning they are mounting the pavement instead.  With more cars now idling while waiting for oncoming traffic to pass, you have to wonder whether this is good for air quality in the area.  Finally, there are real worries for those living in social housing adjacent to these plans.  By removing the car park spaces, which is believed to be the next step, the local authority will be forcing vulnerable people to walk on a busy stretch of main road. 

To my mind, this is the right idea but gone about in the wrong way.  Residents feel as though this has been done to them, rather than with their consent.  I’ll be writing to the local authority to see what improvements can be made.”

In response to comments made by Fay Jones MP, a Welsh Government spokesperson said:  “We have worked closely with Powys County Council on the design for the active travel route running from Llandrindod Wells towards Howey.

“The initial consultation did not raise any concerns over the road width but, comments that have now been made public will be considered carefully before moving ahead with the next phase of the scheme.”