Radnor Palestine Links held a demonstration in Ludlow on April 27 to express their support for Palestine.

Joined by 40 local people, they called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and ‘freedom and justice for all Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation’.

They were joined by members from both sides of the border, as well as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Shropshire.

It comes after Israel has threatened a ground invasion of Rafah, the last refuge of civilians fleeing bombardment.

The group say that violence against Palestinians is increasing in the West Bank, with hundreds killed and injured, and others forced to flee their homes as their lands are seized and livelihoods are destroyed.

They are concerned that the UK Government continue to supply Israel with weapons and military assistance, saying that they will continue with demonstrations until the government ‘stops supporting Israeli war crimes.’

June Coveney, of Presteigne, said: “It is deeply disturbing that our government is breaking international law. By continuing to supply weapons to Israel, refusing to renew funding to UNWRA and allowing the Israeli army to block deliveries of humanitarian aid to Gaza, our government is now complicit in genocide.”